New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – June 2023 Edition

For the month of June, we had an absolutely stellar line-up of releases from across the electronic music spectrum. From an album that explores the entire easy-listening beats spectrum to electronic-infused trip-hop beats. This month had it all.

Check out all of our releases below either via the embedded Spotify player or click the title to find the release on your platform of choice.

Kiik – I’m Ready

Kiik follows up her Kiwi Bear debut, Fineday, Sunday, with an equally smooth double single, I’m Ready. This two-track release features a unique blend of neo-soul style chords and vocal chops, mixed with head-nodding drum beats.

It definitely has late-spring/early-summer vibes and well worth checking out.

matsaya – Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty is matsaya’s debut album and one we’re pleased to have as part of the Kiwi Bear catalogue. This nine-track release features a unique blend of music from across the easy-listening beats spectrum, from boom-bap to trip-hop to ambient.

If you’re looking for an album that captures various different sounds but remains a coherent collection of music, Inner Beauty is a must-listen.

Erwin Do & Jonny Wolf – Floating

We’re back to the chill beats now with this collaborative double single from musician Erwin Do and producer Jonny Wolf.

As you might expect from the title, Floating is a smooth dreamy release that features a mix of chill piano compositions mixed with upbeat drum beats. It’s a real vibe.

Slightly Faded – Heatwave 3

We’re incredibly excited to share with you the third instalment into Slightly Faded’s Heatwave series, with Heatwave 3. This third instalment kicks it up a gear with 13 tracks over the usual 6 and is a collection of beats that seamlessly blend old-school hip-hop, electronic, and trip-hop vibes.

We can’t shout from the rooftops how much you NEED to listen to this album. It’s a masterpiece.

Dust Tones – Enchanted Jungle

Finally, we have Dust Tones with his sophomore Kiwi Bear release, Enchanted Jungle. This EP brings the jungle vibes to chillhop both with its creative use of samples, and the fact that it was created entirely on the Koala Sampler.

Much like Beneath the Waves, Enchanted Jungle tells a fantastic audible story throughout and is incredibly unique.


What a killer June. Honestly, we had to stop ourselves from saying every release this month is a must-listen, but they really are. Check the link below for our full catalogue playlist to check all these releases out!

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