Demo Submission Guidelines

Looking to submit your demos to Kiwi Bear Records? Great! We can’t wait to listen, however, there are a few things to make a note of before you eagerly fire off your music to our inbox. Yes, it’s the boring bit, but do try to make a note of the below to have a better chance of having your music heard.

Submission types (singles, EPs, and albums)

For most releases, we’re happy to release singles, EPs (two-track minimum), and albums (seven-track minimum), however for instrumental music (lofi hip-hop, chillhop, electronic) we’re only accepting EPs (two-track minimum) and albums (seven-track minimum).

That’s not to say we won’t listen to your demo, but we may ask you for additional tracks to make your instrumental release a little more substantial.

Submission links

Below are the only types of demo submissions we’ll accept, so please make sure to send your demos as either:

  • Private SoundCloud links
  • Google Drive links
  • Dropbox links

Sample information

If you’ve used samples in your music (Tracklib, Splice, Cymatics, Prime Loops, etc.) please let us know this along with your submission as it will help clear up any potential Content ID issues in the future. While we’re not against samples, we also want to make sure samples have been chopped, screwed, and glued enough to be new and unique, and not just a loop with a drum beat over the top.

In a similar vein, if you have leased or licensed your instrumental, please make us aware of this, too as certain licenses may have restrictions that we need to make a note of.

Does your music fit our vibe?

We have several playlists which highlight the vibes we’re looking for (including one specifically for instrumental hip-hop & chillhop) so be sure to have a run through some of the tracks to see if your music fits!

And that’s it! If you think you’re good to go, click or tap the button below and send us your demo. We can’t wait to hear it!