Soft Eyez releases beat tape, Over Andover

Making their Kiwi Bear Records debut with the seven-track beat tape, Over Andover, is Canadian producer and beatmaker Soft Eyez, bringing his signature sample chopping skills to the label’s eclectic catalog.

Over Andover is out now across all streaming services.

We’ve been a big fan of Soft Eyez’s music ever since he dropped his Kush Krunch album back in 2021 and we just KNEW we had to get him on board for a release.

In comes Over Andover, a short but sweet beat tape consisting of seven tracks featuring his signature production flair, combining the art of sampling with meticulous beat arrangements weaving together classic samples into fresh, innovative compositions.

Soft Eyez is no stranger to the hip-hop community. With a history of collaborating with various rappers and MCs – including the recent Bunnyhug drop with artist KOTO? – he has made a name for himself as a go-to producer for artists seeking that perfect beat to complement their flow.

Overall, Over Andover is the perfect taster in to what you can expect when diving into Soft Eyez’ catalog.

Available everywhere now, you can listen to Over Andover via this link.