Release Plans

What you can expect from us:

We intend to be as fully involved with our artists as possible this includes regular communication and outlining a clear agenda that highlights what is expected of both the artists and Kiwi Bear Records.

Below is an outline of some of the release strategies that we offer, however, we’re also more than happy to work with artists on a more tailor-made release strategy.

Get in touch to discuss our options!

Standard release

Best for singles, EPs, and Albums

  • Full label support
  • Fixed calendar
  • Digital distribution
  • Artwork
  • Assets
  • Playlisting, etc.
  • 30/70 split in Artists favour

Bandcamp first

Best for EPs/Albums

  • Two-week exclusivity on Bandcamp ahead of digital release
  • Digital distribution
  • Full support at digital release
  • Fixed calendar
  • Artwork
  • Assets
  • Playlisting, etc.
  • 30/70 split in Artists favour on digital streams
  • 0/100 on Bandcamp sales
  • NB: Artists are required to have an established and active BandCamp page

Release only

Best for quick releases

  • Distribution only
  • Open calendar
  • Label playlisting only
  • 20/80 split in Artists favour

Note: We are also currently trailing physical cassette releases. For more information you can get in touch via the button below.

Track Submission Status: Open