What we offer

Here’s what you can expect from your Kiwi Bear Records release

We intend to be as fully involved with our artists as possible this includes regular communication and outlining a clear agenda that highlights what is expected of both the artists and Kiwi Bear Records.

Below is an outline of most of the activities we offer when you release with us, this includes both pre- and post-release activities from artwork creation, DSP pitching, and post-release PR.

Get in touch to discuss our options!

Digital Distribution
We’ll distribute your music across 30 DSPs including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and more.
Editorial Pitch Creation
We will compose and submit a pitch to Spotify’s editorial teams for your release around four to six weeks ahead of your release date.
Personalised Release Agenda
See exactly what we’re doing with your music and when we plan to do it, allowing you to have a clearer understanding of how we operate.
Pre-Save URL
To help drive hype ahead of your release, we’ll provide a pre-save URL for you to share with fans so they have access to your music on day one.
While we’re more than happy for artists to provide their own artwork (see our Submission Guidelines for more info) we’re also able to create unique and bespoke artwork for your release.
Promotional Assets
A full suite of promotional assets will be created for your release which can be shared across social media to help drive hype and spread awareness for your new music.
Social Media Calendar
A tailored social media calendar will be created for your release to give you a nice blueprint for sharing your upcoming release.
Owned Playlist Placement
Your release will be placed on our own collection of playlists where applicable.
Playlist, YouTube Curator, & Radio Pitching
Ahead of release, we will build a list of playlists that your music may be a good fit for. Once your music is out, we’ll spend dedicated time pitching to these curators across DSPs, YouTube, and Radio.
70/30 Royalty Split
Our royalty percentage split helps cover the costs associated with marketing and promoting your release. The above split is in the artists favour (70 to the artist).

Physical Releases

We are currently trialling physical cassette releases. If you’re interested in having your release on cassette as well as digital release, let us know when you reach out to us!

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