Dust Tones Releases Exotica-inspired EP, ‘Enchanted Jungle’

Cover art for the album Enchanted Jungle by Dust Tones. The cover features art by Henry Rousseau.

Enchanted Jungle is the anticipated follow-up to their debut Kiwi Bear Records release Beneath the Waves which brings elements of 1950s exotica with a modern chillhop twist.

Enchanted Jungle is out now across all streaming services.

We’ve always loved Dust Tones’ passion for theming with his releases and Enchanted Jungle is no different. Bringing his love for 1950s exotica, the EP pulls inspiration from artists such as Martin Denny and Les Baxter blending soulful melodies with a 50s twist with modern chillhop beats and vibes.

Tracks such as “Mystical Rainforest” and “Tiki Tones” transport you deep into the thick jungle with nature field recordings dancing around intricate sample chops and head-nodding drums. Then you witness more modern triphop vibes with tracks such as “Midnight Safari”, while all keeping in theme to the overall project.

Visually, this exotica theming has also been brought to the forefront with art by artist Henry Rousseau – another fantastic inspiration for this EP – gracing the cover.

If the overall theming wasn’t captivating enough, Dust Tones took it one step further by creating this entire EP on his phone using the Koala Sampler making this whole project completely unique as he had to work within the limitations of the popular mobile sampling app.

You can listen to Enchanted Jungle right now via this link.