When working with Kiwi Bear Records we hope to be as informative and as transparent as possible so you’re always in the know about what’s happening with your music. This FAQ should hopefully answer some questions you may have before getting in touch with us. If not, you can always send us an email or DM on Instagram!

Are demo submissions open right now?


How do we submit?

Submissions are accepted via email only. Please send private SoundCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox links only. Absolutely NO WeTransfer. For further information on submitting music, check our submission guidelines.

What style/genre of music are you looking to release?

Currently, we’re looking for a nice mixture of both lofi hip-hop and chillhop and we’re swinging more towards the upbeat and groovy sides of this genre. Sleepy beats are great, but we’ve found that want something to nod our heads to, not nod off to.

We’re also keen to release music that’s outside of the lofi/chillhop bubble, including conscious hip-hop/rap, alt-R&B, bedroom pop, indie, electronic and more.

If you’re unsure, get in touch!

Can my song contain samples (Splice, Cymatics, Prime Loops, etc.)?

This is a tentative yes. Provided the samples used are chopped, screwed, and glued enough that they are, for the most part, unrecognisable from the original sample, then you’re golden.

If you are submitting music with samples from Splice, Prime Loops, Cymatics, etc., please let us know the details of which samples you’ve used when you submit.

Are you just looking for just lofi hip-hop instrumentals, or can we submit songs with vocals too?

Of course! We’re looking for a bit of everything when it comes to lofi hip-hop & chillhop, not just instrumentals, the more unique the better!

Can my song be explicit?

It sure can. We intend to be as non-restrictive as possible with our artists, as long as we vibe with the track, you’re golden.

Anything else I need to send with vocal submissions?

Yes! Please send written lyrics along with vocal submissions.

How soon can I release music with Kiwi Bear Records?

Depending on how you’d like to release with us, we typically have a two-to-three-month lead time, so please bear that in mind when sending your demos to us.

Can I send across a track I’m working on to see if it’s your thing?

While we don’t mind receiving work-in-progress, we generally prefer to receive final, completed tracks so we can better determine if it’ll be a right fit.

What are the royalty splits for Kiwi Bear Records artists?

A “Standard” Kiwi Bear Records release will have a 30/70 split to the artist. Find more about what we offer for that split here.

What distributor do you use?

We currently use Identity Music as our distributor.

Can I release music independently and with other labels if I release music with Kiwi Bear Records?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to release independently and explore other avenues of distribution!

Can I upload my track/EP/album onto my own SoundCloud/Audius?

Yes of course! However, we would ask for you to refrain from publishing your music ahead of the agreed-upon digital release date.

I don’t have any artwork, can you help?

Definitely! We’ll be able to provide you with artwork, social media assets, videos, and Spotify Canvases.

Can I provide my own artwork for my release?

Yes, absolutely. It’s your creative project at the end of the day so we want you to be 100% happy with your release. Our only stipulation with this is that we refuse to use any artwork that has been AI-generated.