New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – October 2023 Edition

October might have started a little warmer than usual, at least for us, but it soon ended up pretty cold. Speaking of cold, this month’s releases were cooooooollllddd! Expect to find a bed of laid-back beats with a killer boom-bap, soul, hip-hop debut album closing out the month.

As usual, click or tap the titles below to listen to each release on the platform of your choice, or alternatively use the embedded Spotify player to listen.

XAPR1L – Chill Sunday

As the title may have given away, Chill Sunday is a laid-back five-track EP from producer XAPR1L which manages to tastefully bring together more soothing lo-fi instrumentals with a slight upbeat twist.

Not mellow enough to have you drifting off to sleep, just nice and relaxing to throw on while studying or playing video games.

Trevor Poole – Reflections

Staying on theme with the more laid-back vibes is Trevor Poole with the three-track EP, Reflections. This EP also manages to provide the perfect background beats. With deep filtered piano loop backed up by upbeat drums and ethereal effects, it’s definitely a treat for the ears.

Coloured Rocks & MP3Vius – Roller Coaster Ride

Coloured Rocks and MP3Vius make their return to Kiwi Bear Records with a collaborative EP that’s definitely a roller coaster ride.

The EP dips and dives amongst different vibes with more gentle and mellow beats to more jazzy, upbeat vibes. It’s a ride that we definitely enjoy taking.

lazyboyloops – interstellar sounds vol.2

Back with another instalment in his interstellar sounds series is lazyboyloops who continues to melds together elements of lofi, boom-bap, and electronica into something that needs to be heard to be believed.

Also keep an eye out for the remixed version of the EP coming out on November 10, 2023.

EPT – Changed Cities

To round off the month is the incredible debut album by EPT. This album is a mixture of boom-bap instrumentals, soulful beats, and lofi rap that’s absolutely unmissable.

If there’s one Kiwi Bear Records release you check out this month, it HAS to be this one.


September was a great month if we do say so ourselves, and as we come closer to the end of the year, we can’t wait for you to hear what else we have in store!

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