New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – November & December 2023 Edition

We’ll be honest, November felt like it came and went in an instant, most probably because we’re already looking toward 2024 where we have some pretty exciting things planned.

Not to get too ahead of ourselves, this month has been full of a handful of unique releases from a remix EP, some fantastic instrumentals, and a tongue-in-cheek lo-fi hip-hop release that pokes a little fun at the scene.

As usual, click or tap the titles below to listen to each release on the platform of your choice, or use the embedded Spotify player to listen.

lazyboyloops – interstellar sounds vol.2 (Remixes)

Much like interstellar sounds vol.1, lazyboyloops’ latest instalment into the series also comes with a remix EP featuring six artists each taking a track and flipping it on its head.

Expect to find deep house, trip-hop, electronic beats, and much more in this eclectic medley of music.

Taki Brano, Odem Medo & Theo Juarez – Desert Waves

It’s not often you find music like this in the lofi scene, but these three artists have come together to create an instrumental release that pulls together elements from various genres to make something truly magnificent.

Expect to hear a blend of hip-hop, trip-hop, flamenco, R&B, and lofi all seamlessly blended together to create a really coherent and enthralling musical project.

micel. – you know

micel. brings a unique blend of rich lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals that will both have you nodding your head while also chilling out to the smooth compositions.

Featuring an old-school hip-hop sound that’s been brought back to a more laid-back zone to create something that’s instantly nostalgic.

flat.moon.society – focusstuddychillcore

Long-time Kiwi Bear Records artist flat.moon.society returns with another utterly ridiculous release, this time one that pokes a bit of fun at the scene they find themselves well and truly in the thick of.

focusstudychillcore is definitely more on the experimental side of the lo-fi hip-hop spectrum, but still manages to channel an upbeat vibe that we’re totally here for.

Half Blue – Lost Thoughts

Our last and final release of the year comes from another returning artist to Kiwi Bear Records, Half Blue, with their jazz-infused instrumental beat tape, Lost Thoughts.

Half Blue has a fantastic talent of being able to merge together sample chops and original instrumentation to create something truly vibey.


2024 has been an incredible year for us. Not only have we heard and worked with music from hundreds of artists over the past 12 months. We’ve dipped our toes into new areas of the electronic music scene and we’re looking to dive in a little more over the next year, so watch this space!

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