EPT drops debut EP, Changed Cities

After hearing his peers telling him to release music for years, EPT also known as Ethan, has finally done it with his EP, Changed Cities, which features killer instrumentals with some fantastic features.

You can check out the EP right now!

Changed Cities is an amalgamation of talent. From the cover art provided by Jun, features on tracks three, five, and seven from Rupert, AarxnBrwn, and Wiseboy Jeremy, respectively, and of course the overall instrumentation and production from EPT.

This is an album you do not want to sleep on. From the opening track, you’re given a taste of what’s to come with phased guitar, highly swung drums, and a deep groove that’ll have you hooked.

Cut to the first feature with Magentas Blues, Rupert provides incredibly raw and soulful vocals not too dissimilar to the late, great, Amy Winehouse, and we’re absolutely here for it.

Overall, for a debut album, EPT’s Changed Cities is the perfect blend of hip-hop with real soul and is probably among the top ten Kiwi Bear Records releases we’ve had this year.

Available everywhere now, you can listen to Changed Cities via this link.