New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – May 2023 Edition

May was a particularly beat-heavy month for us at Kiwi Bear Records with four healthy doses of lo-fi hip-hop beats that span the whole spectrum of this sub-genre, from boom-bap to more electronic-influenced vibes, it’s all here.

Click or tap on the links below to check out each release on your platform of choice, or take a listen via the embedded Spotify player if you just can’t wait.

Ion Briceag – Spring Walks

Ion Briceag has a truly unique way of finding stellar samples to use in his beats and Spring Walks is the perfect example of that. This short but sweet beat tape features tastefully chopped jazz samples paired with boom-bap drums that create the ultimate “step into spring” vibe.

flat.moon.society – Happy! Happy!!! Fun!!! Time!!?!

flat.moon.society’s Happy! Happy!!! Fun!!! Time!!?! is probably the longest beat tape Kiwi Bear has released. With 17 tracks, this album is not your usual lofi beat tape.

Featuring influences from across the whole instrumental beats spectrum, flat.moon.society has created an incredibly unique yet intriguing beat tape that’s thoroughly enjoyable.

Oh and did we forget to mention that there’s a limited edition cassette tape!?

Uli Tiro & Cobes Corner – Flowers

Keeping in theme with the more dusty lo-fi vibes is Flowers, a collaborative double-single from artists Uli Tiro and Cobes Corner.

Featuring a mix of boom-bap drums, smooth bass lines, and sampled guitar melodies the two-track release brings a 90s East Coast hip-hop vibe. This one is a must-listen.

Sivan Aydin – i hope this day is good

Rounding off the month is an electronic-influenced lo-fi beat EP from artist Sivan Aydin. This three-track beat tape brings the summer vibes to late Spring with a collection of tracks that blend together staple lo-fi instrumentals with more electronic synths and beat structures.


And that’s what we had in store for May! Pretty beat-heavy, but as we’re wanting to spend more days outside in the sun, each one of these releases is definitely a perfect accompaniment.

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