Slightly Faded Drop New Album, ‘Heatwave 3’

Cover art for Slightly Faded's album Heatwave 3 that features an illustration of a red muscle car with fire coming from the back that billows into smoke across an LA beachfront.

After three long years, Slightly Faded is back with Heatwave 3, the anticipated third-instalment in their Heatwave series, and this time they’re breaking away from the EP theming and dropping 13 tracks of heat.

Heatwave 3 is out now across all streaming platforms.

After a brief hiatus from the annual Heatwave EP releases, the electronic producer duo is back with a bang with Heatwave 3, a thirteen-track album that captures the unique electronic-infused hip-hop vibes of the talented duo.

The album brings in elements of hip-hop, triphop, electronic, and synthwave, to create an incredibly coherent yet rich soundscape for listeners to bask in. Opening with the tracks “Dreaming” and “Grover Street”, you’ll immediately get a feel for the album with its laid-back grooves, jazz-inspired keys, and tasteful sprinkles of iconic synthesisers such as the Juno 6.

Later in the album there are also more hard-hitting beats such as “Air Maxes” and “Heatwave” bringing a more heavy yet somehow still mellowed-out vibe to the album. We can’t of course forget to mention the addition of the track “Cassette Tape #18” which is another nod to previous tracks on Heatwave and Heatwave 2.

Overall, the album is the embodiment of the saying “good things come to those who wait”, and boy was it worth the wait.

Heatwave 3 is available now. You can listen on your streaming platform of choice via this link.