flat.moon.society releases Happy! Happy!!! Fun!!! Time!!?!

Cover artwork for Happy! Happy!!! Fun!!! Time!!?! by flat.moon.society which features a chopped up sepia photograph of two girls with no faces holding up margarita glasses.

flat.moon.society asks about illuminati with cryptic full-length beat tape Happy! Happy!!! Fun!!! Time!!?!

Available now digitally across all streaming platforms and via limited edition cassette.

Tired of lo-fi hip-hop being full of quiet sleepy singles, flat.moon.society is going against the grain with a full-length LP that spans 17 upbeat, dusty, and beat-heavy tracks.

If their artist name wasn’t obvious enough as to how leftfield they sit, flat.moon.society is bringing the whole tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory to their latest album which features a whole smorgasbord of beats that span from chillhop to dusty boom bap to triphop.

Thematically, Happy! Happy!!! Fun!!! Time!!?! is as weird as the title itself, with letters missing from almost every track name on the album to spell out a cryptic message. While figuring out what it all means, you’ll witness beats such as the debut single for the album “imp_ssible = inevitable” and the track “shadows _nder the _oonlight” that offer an interesting spin on lo-fi hip-hop.

Closing the album is the track “goodnight losers” which brings classic triphop vibes, rounding off what is a pretty eclectic mix of beats that bring in his diverse influences.

Happy! Happy!!! Fun!!! Time!!?! is available now. You can listen via this link.