New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – July 2023 Edition

You’d expect me to be writing this absolutely sweltering as the UK deals with a heatwave similar to 2022, however, it’s been no hotter than 20 degrees C this month and it’s really a sight to behold.

Anyway, I digress, while the weather is tepid, the vibes we’ve brought you this July are pretty damn hot and include our first mainline Lofi House release. As always, check the links below to hear the releases on your platform or choice or listen via the embedded Spotify player.

Elan Brio – Food

Back with his sophomore Kiwi Bear Records release is Elan Brio with the absolutely delicious beat tape, Food.

This 16-track tape is filled with sample chops, dusty swung drums, and old-school vibes, all tastefully wrapped in the processing provided by the AKAI MPC.

Maxømøa & Coloured Rocks – Polaroid

We’re stoked to drop our first mainline lofi house release this month with Maxømøa & Coloured Rocks’ release, Polaroid. This uptempo, four-to-the-floor beat is equal parts ethereal and nostalgic, and has an all-round good vibe.

For some reason, it reminds me of the soundtrack from the mid-00s video game Re-Volt, that was such a vibe, too… I wonder if our old Dreamcast works…

I’m.Busy – Amoxicillin

I’m.Busy is back with us once again this time with a five-track beat tape titled Amoxicillin, and just like the medication, it has healing properties.

Filled with the usual warped jazzy chops, drunken drum grooves, and SP404 effects processing, this beat tape is definitely on par with the quality we’d expect from London’s favourite dribbler.

Soft Eyez – Over Andover

Canadian producer Soft Eyez is making his Kiwi Bear Records debut this month with the beat tape Over Andover, a tape that highlights this artist’s talented sample-chopping skills and overall composition.

Expect jazzy piano chops intertwined amongst dusty boom-bap drum beats and thick smooth bass that wouldn’t sound out of place alongside the golden era of instrumental hip-hop artists.


Another great month with a diverse slate of releases, though it has been pretty dusty, brush yourself off for August as we have some pretty exciting projects coming out.

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