New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – February 2023 Edition

This month’s smorgasbord of releases from Kiwi Bear Records spans a number of sub-genres within the lo-fi sub-genre, from chill beats to trip-hop/glitch to lo-fi pop. It’s a little different from what you’d normally expect, and we like different.

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Coloured Rocks, Fred Paci & 77th Man – Blue Hour

Starting off February strong is a delectable chillhop EP from three of the best artists in the lo-fi scene right now. Blue Hour mixes the chill vibes you’d expect from Coloured Rocks, the jazzy and soulful influenced sound from 77th Man, and original horn tracks from Fred Paci.

Overall, Blue Hour is a quintessential chillhop EP that is perfect for taking your mind off of things.

Electricsheep42 – All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

One of our favourites this month is the experimental trip-hop/glitch-hop release from Electricsheep42 which brings influences from across the lo-fi and electronic spectrum into one album. It’s weird, but we love it.

Despite being a little over ten minutes long, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace is no less special than albums of longer length and a must-listen if you’re into trippy vibes, glitch, and IDM with a hefty helping of lo-fi.

mvnitou – Nature Spirit

Nature Spirit is a five-track beat tape that manages to sound old despite being completely brand new. This tape highlights everything we love about the lo-fi beats scene.

The tape is upbeat, the drums slap, and mvnitou has such a way with samples that makes the whole thing a really ear-catching experience.

Tabi & qwinn – Puddles

We’re continuing our push for more vocals in lo-fi beats and Puddles is our latest introduction. Complementing the quaint and pleasant lo-fi instrumental that wouldn’t be out of place on Lofi Girl’s YouTube channel, is stunning and emotional vocals by singer/songwriter qwinn.

It’s a gentle, sweet, and emotional lo-fi pop track that we can all relate to as qwinn sings about times when things are a little too good and surely something is about to go wrong.


Much like January, February is full of a mix of incredible sounds that span across lo-fi, electronic, and bedroom/lo-fi pop.

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