New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – January 2023 Edition

In 2023 we’re continuing our efforts of highlighting all of the new music we release. And to spread the news further we’re kicking off the first of many round-up posts from Kiwi Bear Records highlighting the music we’ve released each month.

January 2023 was a pretty big start to the year with five releases spanning lo-fi beats, electronic, ambient, and vocal-driven lofi/neo-soul.

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Dhedbeats – Rise Up!

Kicking off January is the fresh as fuck release, Rise Up!, from Dhedbeats which continues to highlight his incredibly unique production and composition skills.

Our stand-out track for this release is the title track Rise Up! which took us by complete surprise by utilising sounds straight out of Aboriginal Australia (yes, there’s a didgeridoo in this beat).

DenisSky – Late Night Snack

With the more mellow vibes is DenisSky with the double single Late Night Snack, which unsurprisingly is the musical equivalent of just that. You know when you wake up in the middle of the night with a real thirst, head to the fridge for a drink, and decide to make up a little snack? Well, that’s this double-single. It’s a delicious bite of something late at night.

Overall it’s a mix of modern lofi beats with a helping of electronic ambient on the side.

Daemon & landq – Missing Summer

Missing Summer is a four-track collaborative EP from artists Daemon and landq that brings laidback yet upbeat vibes to what has been a pretty chilly winter here in the UK – hence the name, Missing Summer. Originally made in the summer of 2022, the four-track EP is a postcard to the warmer times, when stepping outside didn’t require 5 layers of clothes.

Our stand-out track for this release is definitely Road Trip. It’s a great opener that features sweet vocal swells, drums with plenty of swing, and mellow guitars.

Yuki Tosaya – Neon Beats

A surprising treat for us this month was the electronic beat tape from Japanese producer Yuki Tosaya with Neon Beats. This five-track EP takes the concept of lo-fi beats and spins it on its head.

With a healthy dose of glitch, electronic, and overall experimental vibe, Neon Beats was definitely a stand-out release this January. It’s different, and we like different.

lilaclaza – 7th avenue

Rounding off January is an incredibly smooth vocal lofi EP from lilaclaza which is the perfect mixture of head-bobbing lo-fi beats with emotional and soulful vocals, bridging the gap between chillhop and soul/R&B.

7th avenue is three tracks of bliss that you can absolutely zone out on and proves that lo-fi doesn’t have to just be instrumental.


So there you have it, January kicks off big and this is only the start of what we have lined up over the next twelve months.

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