New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – February 2024 Edition

This year February was a leap month and for us, it was a month chock full of interesting and diverse releases being added to our catalog. Featuring a mix of old-school instrumental beats and ambient electronic vibes.

Click or tap the titles below to give this month’s releases a listen or alternatively use the embedded player.

HBR36 – Homecoming

Kicking off February is the deliciously dusty Homecoming from producer HBR36. This five-track EP features a collection of beats with old-school vibes, perfect for those looking for a 90s style instrumental to chill to.

Spectrum Sou11ds – Vintage Reflections

Continuing the classic instrumental hip-hop vibes is Spectrum Sou11ds and their EP, Vintage Reflections.

As the title suggests, this three-track beat tape features vintage vibes utilising the sounds of funk and soul to create some inspiring beats.

Flinque – Riding the Sun

Riding the Sun is a little more in-your-face than the above releases with some eclectic samples being used to create some interesting beats.

Expect high-energy funk and soul-infused hip-hop beats with this EP, one that we can’t stop listening to.

LowPilott – Visions

Wrapping up the month is the EP Visions, a deep ambient electronic release that channels LowPilott’s love for both synthy-ambient vibes and deep house.

Each track will have you getting lost in the rich soundscapes but bringing you back home later in the track with minimal beats that drive the climax.


February was a truly exciting month for us at Kiwi Bear Records as we expand more into the boom-bap-style of beat-making and experiment more with deep electronic sounds offering a rich and diverse catalog for listeners.

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