New Music from Kiwi Bear Records – April 2023 Edition

While Lofi Girl might have switched gears with their new Synthwave Boy, we continue to push and support some of the best smaller and independent artists within the bedroom space.

April is no different with a batch of chillhop and lo-fi hip-hop releases that encompass every corner of this oddly diverse genre of instrumental music.

Ogi Feel the Beat & XAPR1L

We start April off with a blend of chill and upbeat instrumentals from producers Ogi Feel the Beat and XAPR1L. This three-track EP pretty much encompasses the sound and feel of modern lofi beats, with gentle guitar rhythms, peppy brass and ambient synth swells.

It’s an all-around feel-good vibe.

Tebedayeng – Neem

Short, sweet and sticking to a similar theme is Neem, a double single from producer Tededayeng featuring Lily, a mellow, laid-back lo-fi vibe alongside the title track, Neem, that’s a little more upbeat and enlightening.

Expect to find yourself wrapped in the comforting sounds of suitcase piano chord progressions and melodies, nudged by head-nodding drum beats and warm bass tones.

Tabi – Oasis

Interrupting our run of lofi beats is producer Tabi’s sophomore Kiwi Bear Records, Oasis, which channels a 90s chill dance vibe.

Oasis is a deeply emotional and cinematic house track which later introduces a four-to-the-floor drum beat and vocal chops that wouldn’t sound out of place in a classic Dario G track.

This track is one of a few upcoming EDM-leaning releases we have planned, so watch this space.

Longlaïx – Songs of Pasiphaë

If you’re looking for a darker chillhop vibe then look no further than Songs of Pasiphaë, a five-track EP from producer Longlaïx, which features deep, warming Rhodes melodies alongside hard-hitting drums that also somehow manage to maintain a calming vibe.

In a traditional sense of the genre, Songs of Pasiphaë is a slightly leftfield EP, however, it’s a welcomed change of direction from the usual sounds we expect to find in the lo-fi scene.

Easy Deviance – Dancing Alone in My Room

Finally, to round off the incredible month of April is the double single Dancing Alone in My Room by producer Easy Deviance. These two tracks highlight the incredible instrumentation and production skills of this artist and help create a soundscape you just can’t help but stick on repeat.

Whack on this double single and dance like no one’s watching, trust us, you won’t regret it.


This wraps up April, and while the month might start off with a day of jokes, this month’s slate of releases is far from that.

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