helioileh Makes Label Debut with electronic EP anemoia

Liverpool-based producer helioileh makes label and streaming service debut with rich electronic ambient EP anemoia that oozes with 90s trip-hop vibes and smooth synthesizer sounds.

You can check out the EP right now!

After dropping a handful of singles on Bandcamp, helioileh is now hitting streaming services with the EP anemoia, a dark synth-based electronic and ambient release that channels classic trip-hop vibes but with a synthwave twist.

Tastefully blending together elements of synth, electronica, and even found sounds (some of the hits in tracks are based on the clattering of crates and other noises captured in Aldi), this EP is a treat to the ears as it’s dark, moody, and atmospheric.

The EP manages to tiptoe the line of being experimental without being so avant-garde that it’s difficult to really get into. Back to front it flows incredibly well and makes its 23-minute runtime feel like seconds, so you’ll definitely want to put this one on repeat.

Overall, anemoia is an impressive debut from helioileh, and we’re excited to hear what the future brings for this talented artist.

Available everywhere now, you can listen to anemoia via this link.