Kiwi Bear Records Sample Challenge


To celebrate the huge success we’ve had since launch and commemorate the opening of track submissions, we wanted to do something special.

Introducing our first sample challenge!

We’re calling for all producers to grab the sample below and do their magic. Flip it, bend it, chop it, and do whatever to create something really unique and awesome. For the most part, we’re looking for creativity with this challenge and to avoid hearing the sample as-is in the submitted tracks. So think outside the box!

The challenge ends on September 13 at 00:01 BST. The winner will not only have the track released through us, but they’ll also receive 100% of the royalties on the track as well as receiving our full support as per our Standard Release strategy (playlist pitching, asset creation, artwork, etc.)

The winner will be announced on September 17.

To submit, email us via the button below and make sure to include artist name, social media @, and a private SoundCloud link of the final track.

Please note: While the track doesn’t necessarily have to be release-ready, we’d ideally like to have a close-to-final mix/master of the track so we can judge accordingly.

Good luck!


Can submissions be collaborations?

Yes! But be aware royalties will be split evenly among all artists.

If I don’t win, can I still release the track I make?

Of course. It’s your music and the sample is free-to-use.

Does the track have to be lofi hip-hop/chillhop?

No, but be conscious of the type of music we work with (lofi, chillhop, alt-R&B, hip-hop/rap, bedroom pop, bedroom indie, etc). If you’re still unsure, send us a message on Instagram!

Can I have vocals on the track?

Of course! We’re open to tracks with vocal chops, bars, and full singer/songwriter vocals.

Can I use other samples in my track?

Of course, get creative!

Do I REALLY get 100% of the royalties for this track?

Yes. Winners will receive 100% of the label share’s revenue generated by the release (less applicable distribution fees).